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Schachmatt (Checkmate) by Scheinlicht

I really love how this painting came out. The whole thing looks surreal, and it happens to be one of those pictures that you have to lo...

snk: to the world beyond. by sugarmints

Alright, I might be a bit biased toward this picture (being a part of the AoT fandom) but I love this one so much. I like how you made ...

Lolita. by F-AYN-T
by F-AYN-T

First, I want to give you credit for the amount of detail you put into this. For another thing, I kind of like how you painted the back...


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Has Sempai Noticed Me Yet?
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hello peasants, and welcome to my page. Stand in awe of my....

:iconsadplz: No wait, please don't go!
Oh gosh, please make me feel not-lonely!

Anyway, wonder why I'm here?

Well, I like to draw, and I want people to see my work. I know I still need to work on a lot, but I'm trying to give it my own style and improve. Constructive criticism is encouraged - don't be afraid to tell me if you think something is 'off,' 'wrong,' or needs work somehow. I will do my best not to kill you. :D

Things you should know:
:bulletred: I draw (duh).
:bulletred: I was/am heavily influenced by anime/manga style, especially the big, expressive eyes.
:bulletred: I'm also learning other styles and expanding on what I can do.
:bulletred: I'm not really a "great" artist just yet.
:bulletred: I consider myself to be still a 'noob' or a beginner in a lot of ways.
:bulletred: Patience isn't my strong point.
:bulletred: Not sure if I should add a stamp collection from all the fandoms I like. :shrug:

General Info
Sex: Pretty sure it's girl, dunno
Age: Young...ish
Height: 5 foot a bitch
Weight: 3 potatoes
Species: Irish
Status: Liked Captain America before it was cool.

Commissions: No.

Requests: Well, I don't mean to sound rude or anything, but if you think I'm giving you a painstakingly-drawn piece of artwork for free, then you're smoking something that's probably illegal. Seriously, do not ask me for requests.

I once took a self-test to see if I really had pyromania. Here's the abridged version:
Do you like fire?
:iconallofthethingsplz::iconsaysplz: Yeah!
Do you like to watch fires?
:iconyeahplz::iconsaysplz: Yeah!
Do you like to set things on fire?
:iconyayamericaplz::iconsaysplz: Hell yeah!
Were you hugged enough as a child?
:iconsaderidanplz::iconsaysplz: Um...well uh...maybe I...
Are you a loner?
Have you ever just felt plain awful?
:iconsadplz::iconsaysplz: *sniff* Mmm-hmm...
:iconamericapartyhardplz::iconsaysplz: ALL THE WAY!
Congratulations! You are a pyro! Now get help.

Did you know that the Irish created/invented/discovered:

Modern chemistry
Chocolate milk
Boyle’s law
The induction coil
The hollow needles used in hypodermic syringes
The Kelvin temperature scale
The electron
The stethoscope
The concept of a boycott
The tattoo machine
Modern submarines
The first time an atom was split via artificial means
Aircraft ejection seats
Portable defibrillators

...and that most of them did it while drunk? :eyes:


Here, have some controversy:

Remember, there is no such thing as "white culture". There is, however, Irish culture, Italian culture, English culture, Russian culture, German culture, Nordic culture, Romanian culture, Dutch culture, Swiss culture, Scottish culture, Welsh culture, French culture, Spanish culture...

I don't want to be a 'feminist'. I rather be 'egalitarian' - besides, it sounds like 'eagle-tarian'. It's just so...'Murican!
*Actually, the real reason is because sometimes, men get screwed over in some areas too. Men and women fall short in the "privilege" department in different ways, so why not work for both? After all, it's all about equality.

Person: This is my left hand *holds up right hand*
Other person: Um, no, that's not your left, it's your right.
-The Internet on 'opinions'

The web is a dark place, full of shock sites, porn, and spoilers.

I'm a strong, independent women who don't need no feminism!

There is no such thing as reverse racism, because anyone can be racist to anyone.

"When young women say no to feminism, feminists don't accept that means no," -Christina H. Sommers

When you take the time to make fun of your own culture, you are culturally appropriating an integral part of Irish culture. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go finish my drink.

Check your social justice blogger privilege!
:bulletblack:I think there's no such thing as "SJW Privilege" (that just proves you have it)
:bulletblack: I can draw attention to areas in which I am not privileged, while ignoring those areas in which I do have privilege (you are NOT telling me they're all black-pan-theta-chromosomal-but-mostly-female-disabled-autistic-otherkin-trans*:・゚✧)
:bulletblack: I can tell someone to "check their privilege" as a means of shutting down their argument
:bulletblack: If someone disagrees with me, I need only to accuse them of belonging to some privileged group (white, cis, male, straight, etc.) to "prove" that I am right.
:bulletblack: I can minimize the problems of an individual on the basis that they are more privileged than certain groups of people (never mind that seeing people who kind of look like you on TV doesn't help chronic depression).
:bulletblack: I was seriously offended reading this list.
:bulletblack: I can assume the person who wrote this list was a white cishet fedora neckbeard dudebro, without acknowledging that's still stereotyping.
:bulletblack: I am now even more offended after reading the above statement.
:bulletblack: I can completely disregard the facts because of hurt feelings.
:bulletblack: It is my pejorative to get offended for other marginalized groups to which I do not belong, and should I find a member of such a group who takes no offense to a certain thing, I can claim they have internalized self-hatred (as opposed to simply their own opinion).
:bulletblack: My feels are going haywire now.
:bulletblack: I seek the blood of the person who wrote this list.
:bulletblack: Inhale. Exhale. Did you just breathe? Smile, because you are alive and life is still worth living. There, you have existential privilege! ^_^
:bulletblack: Stop. I could do this all day, but I have a paper to write, and I am sure you have something better to do yourself. Privilege-checking is the unhealthiest mental exercise there is - it divides people into "haves" and "have nots", and that just leads to Tall Poppy Syndrome. In other words, it breeds hate. Hate only breeds hate. Now ask yourself - "Does the homeless white guy on the street have more privilege than Oprah Winfrey and Temple Grandin?"
:bulletblack: -->unhealthiest mental exercise<-- This line is so ableist! (If this was your actual thought process, then...Just stay away and you'll be safe from me~!)
:bulletblack: You own a freaking computer, or at the very least, have Internet access.

Potato :iconpotatoplz:
  • Mood: Annoyed
  • Listening to: let it go
  • Reading: let it go
  • Watching: Can't hold it back anymore
  • Playing: let it go
  • Eating: let it go
  • Drinking: turn away and slam the door
Lame title is lame.

Okay, so this is vaguely related to the movie Frozen. I like that movie a lot, overrated though it be (which just means it's not ZOMG TEH BEST DIDNEY MOVIE EVER! but still pretty cool), but there's something that kind of bugs me. About Elsa, specifically. I know her powers can be a metaphor for anything, but I notice a pattern with comparing superpowers (sometimes almost godlike superpowers) to disabilities.

Why is that a problem? Well, I'll explain.

Growing up, I had high-functioning autism, or Aspergers Syndrome. I was teased a lot because of it, and had a hard time making friends. I never thought of it as something inherently or objectively 'better' than being 'normal,' so I feel a kind of disconnect whenever I see superpowered people surrounded by muggles used as a metaphor for the disabled. Yes, they face discrimination, bigotry, rejection, isolation, but not exactly for the same reasons. No one ever feared that I'd kill them with telepathy.

Actually, I think a better metaphor would be a world where having powers is the norm, and there's that one kid who doesn't have powers and is treated as defective. You don't see a lot of that (there's the bus driver from Sky High, but otherwise I can't think of any examples). I think it's because it ruins a lot of the 'wish fulfillment' of it all - who doesn't want totally awesome superpowers that you could destroy the haters with, but choose not to because you're a Good Person™? No one wants to admit they're the one muggle in a world full of magic, and power is something just out of reach, but never in their hand. Sure, it's more relatable, but harder to sit through because it's too relatable, not in a "Gee whiz I wish I was that person" way.

I think we need more muggles struggling to get by in a superpowered world. Maybe people might find that offensive, because it's casting certain people as "inferior," but guess what? I didn't feel like freaking Superman growing up! More like Anna in Slytherin. Maybe people find it offensive that I say it's better to compare disabled people to muggles surrounded by magical people, but that's more how I feel - at a disadvantage. Social skills to me were basically magical powers, ones I couldn't figure out or understand without years and years of practice. Even then, sometimes I goof.

I'm writing a book with that kind of scenario - magic being the norm and people who learn magic differently ("applied" rather than "inborn"), have a lower tolerance/wear out more easily (low cap-off limit), or don't have magical powers at all are treated as defective. Sure, people may get offended by that sentiment, but I don't care. I think comparing a lack of something people take for granted to near-godlike power is hubris.

But that's just my two cents.

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